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eCollage And Beyond

Jay Zerbe

Artist & Instructor


This workshop is for artists who wish to explore, learn, and share creative ideas and original artwork defined as digital collage, or “eCollage”.
eCollage is the label originated by artist/instructor Jay Zerbe to describe the process of digital collage, created from imagery of material matter. Computer tools such as Photoshop, or other similar applications are used in the assembly. The results can then be printed on paper, preferably archival quality, or left as digital-only files.
Sources are myriad! Your own photographs, photographs of your original artwork, and (perhaps) images acquired elsewhere, even images of organic material from nature.
Educational and art historical videos provide training and add to the knowledge of the artists participating in the group with ongoing stream discussion.

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Coming Soon!

We will soon begin accepting original work by ACADEMY members for a kind but indepth Critique by Jay Zerbe and fellow community members!

Check back for details and starting date.

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