Cool Project?

Tell me. Have you done any cool projects? I have. Recently, I collaborated with a poet through “Art in Common Places”. We developed a theme through conversation and I created a drawing and she a poem. The result was printed on a broadside and placed in common places, like laundry mats, car washes, libraries, nursing homes, etc. Pretty neat huh? Let’s hear about what you have done. We love a good story.

Shared By: Kate Hendrickson

My work explores my feelings about the search for comfort in revealing my faith. I converted to Judaism. I hope that my artwork helps everyone feel more comfortable in expressing who they really are.

I use stencils of Hebrew letters to create an underlayment structure upon which I build the composition. The word chosen is based on my interest in urban and nature environs. Color choices are made based on my feelings about the word. As I work with pastel, graphite and colored pencil the letters are concealed to the point where pieces of the letters and ghost images of them remain.

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@peepso_user_44(Katryna Gagle)
I love this!
@peepso_user_22(Jay Zerbe)
@peepso_user_44(Katryna Gagle) me too! thanks @peepso_user_75(Kate)!
1 month ago